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By Lucas Leys

How time and again have the questions coming up in our minds appeared to stay unanswerable? How frequently have we repeated those inquiries to those that additionally didn't comprehend the solutions? and the way again and again have they requested us questions that we additionally can't resolution? Lucas Leys provides a hundred and one tough questions besides direct solutions for every one. He deals solutions which are good reasoned and balanced from a biblical and religious standpoint in order that youth can deepen their religion. no matter if you're a formative years chief who must the correct solutions to offer or looking for passable solutions, this ebook is for you.

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Of course not everybody will agree with some of the answers, but I can assure you that I prepared each one of them with lots of research, respect for God’s revelation, and responsibility. In fact, many questions and answers come directly from the Bible, and my job was simply to point you towards them. 2. Many questions and answers relate to each other, and it’s possible that some answers will give you answers to other questions, and that some answers will generate new questions. It’s also possible that some questions and answers will seem childish to you.

Now, however, we have become new creatures redeemed by Christ. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17). It’s as if He created us brand new. Knowing our sinful nature, He provided (through the cross) the means to look at us and see us justified, as if we had never sinned, thus integrating us into His family in perfect communion. ” Now, you might ask, if God so desires for us to be by His side, why doesn’t He take us with Him as soon as we convert? Well, God’s longing to have a big family continues—a very big family.

How should I feel about homosexuality? 47. I know a guy who seems pretty effeminate. Does it mean he’s gay? 48. Is oral sex a bad thing? 49. Is masturbation a bad thing? 50. How can I stop masturbating? 51. Why do I get erections when I don’t want them? 52. Why does pornography target men more than women? 53. Many of my friends watch porn and seem pretty normal about it. What’s the harm? 54. How will I be good at sex when I’m married if I don’t start having it now? 55. Is it wrong to fantasize about having sex with my boyfriend?

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