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By David Gray Carlson

Hegel is considered the head of German idealism and his paintings has passed through a major revival because 1975. during this ebook, David grey Carlson provides a scientific interpretation of Hegel's 'The technology of Logic', a piece principally ignored, via a method of obtainable diagrams, choosing and explicating every one of Hegel's logical derivations.

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The first of these will emphasize the positive, qualitative side. It leans to the left side of the diagram. The second emphasizes the negative side. It leans to the right side of the diagram. Since negation always presupposes something to negate, the negative moment is always a double, "dialectical" pairing. , the whole is always greater than the parts). The middle term contains material that exceeds what is provided by the two extremes. 32 The three circles together form a Borromean The Borromean Knot Knot.

Dialectical Reason is like experience in that "theory" is shown to be inconsistent with the "real" world known to exist beyond theory. KENNETH R. F. HEGEL, THE JENA SYSTEM, 1804-5: LOGIC AND METAPHYSICS 53 (John W. Burbidge & George di Giovanni trans. 1986) (experience is "the conjoining of concept and appearance - that is, the setting in motion of indifferent substances, sensations, or whatever you will, whereby they become determinate, existing only in the antithesis"). "). F. HEGEL: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SCIENCE OF 22 Quality This deserves emphasis, because we have before us the quintessential move from Essence, the midpoint of the Logic.

Perhaps a better way of putting it: in the double aspect of Dialectical Reason, a second act of Understanding is always present. Dialectical Reason must "understand" the nothingness it has produced. " EL § 81(2). Being-Nothing-Becoming 23 The Understanding's error was the claim to self-identity [1]. Now Dialectical Reason makes the same error [3]. " (837) Speculative Reason. Speculative Reason45 wisely intervenes to stop the modulating nonsense. Speculative Reason is like a parent mediating between squabbling siblings.

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