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By Garth L. Hallett

Charting a "middle approach" among the extremes represented by means of Alvin Plantinga and Richard Swinburne, Garth Hallett explores the thesis that if trust in different minds is rational and actual (as it without doubt is), so too is trust in God. He makes a powerful case that once this parity declare is adequately limited to a unmarried, sound other-minds trust, trust in God and trust in different minds do turn out epistemically similar. This outcome, and the distinct course that ends up in it, will curiosity scholars and students in philosophy of faith and theology.

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67 Thus, "If the physical language, on the grounds of its universality, were adopted as the system language of science, all science would become physics. 69 Threat to Science James notes a related methodological concern: "Why do so few 'scientists' even look at the evidence for telepathy, so called? Because they think, as a leading biologist, now dead, once said to me, that even if such a thing were true, scientists ought to band together to keep it suppressed and concealed. "70 To some, God looks still more threatening than telepathy.

30 How can a sunspot be the thing I see, if the sunspot occurred eight minutes ago and the seeing occurs now? I suggest, in reply, that two key assumptions appear in Russell's reasoning, both of them questionable: (1) seeing is the psychological end-stage of the visual process; it consists solely in the event that terminates the causal chain from object to brain; (2) the object of seeing must be simultaneous with the seeing. Seeing the sun cannot be like receiving a letter from a friend who perhaps did not survive the sending of the letter.

The issue for me was quite simple: If God was invisible, then God did not exist. Formally speaking, the problem was conceptual: Only those things that were available to the senses were real. " But others' thoughts and feelings are not available to the senses; so why did Abraham cease to believe in God but not cease to believe in other minds? Why did he not even question their existence? One answer, I think, is obvious. He had experienceconstant, intimate, personal experienceof human thoughts and feelings (namely his own), but he had no experience of divine thoughts or feelings.

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