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By Andrew Surmani

Alfred's necessities of tune idea is designed for college students of any age, even if listeners or performers, who are looking to have a greater knowing of the language of song. during this all-in-one conception path, you are going to research the necessities of tune via concise classes, perform your track studying and writing talents within the workouts, increase your listening talents with the ear-training CDs (available individually or as a booklet & CD combo), and try out your wisdom with a evaluate that completes every one unit.

The pupil entire ebook contains Books 1-3 in a spiral-bound structure.

Book 1 (Lessons 1-25): employees, Notes and Pitches
* Treble & Bass Clefs
* Grand employees & Ledger traces
* notice Values
* degree, Bar Line and Double Bar
* 2/4, 3/4 & 4/4 Time Signatures
* entire, part & sector Notes/Rests
* Dotted part & region Notes
* Ties & Slurs
* Repeat signal, 1st & 2d Endings
* 8th Notes & Rests
* Dynamic symptoms, pace Marks & Articulation
* D.C., D.S., Coda & superb
* residences, Sharps & Naturals
* entire & part Step, Enharmonic Notes.

Book 2 (Lessons 25-50): Tetrachords & significant Scales
* Key Signatures
* Chromatic Scale
* periods, Circle of Fifths
* excellent, significant & Minor periods
* Augmented & lowered durations
* Solfège & Transposition
* 16th Notes & Rests
* Dotted 8th Notes & 8th be aware Triplets
* universal Time & minimize Time
* 3/8 & 6/8 Time Signatures
* Pick-up Notes & Syncopation
* fundamental & significant Triads
* Scale measure Names
* Dominant seventh Chord.

Book three (Lessons 51-75): 1st & 2d Inversions of Triads
* Inversions of V7 Chords
* Figured Bass
* significant Chord Progressions
* Minor Scales, Minor Triads
* Augmented & lowered Triads
* basic Triads in Minor Keys
* Minor Chord Progressions
* Modes
* Harmonizing a Melody in significant and Minor Keys
* damaged Chords & Arpeggiated Accompaniments
* Passing and Neighboring Tones
* Composing a Melody in significant and Minor Keys
* 12-Bar Blues Chord development & Blues Scale
* simple kinds of song.

The entire line of Alfred's necessities of tune conception comprises scholar Books, a Teacher's resolution Key, Ear-Training CDs, Double Bingo video games, Flash playing cards, Reproducible Teacher's job Kits, and interactive software program for college students and lecturers in inner most examine, studio and community environments.

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