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By Arthur Frazho, Wisuwat Bhosri

In this monograph, we mix operator concepts with nation area the right way to resolve factorization, spectral estimation, and interpolation difficulties coming up on top of things and sign processing. We current either the speculation and algorithms with a few Matlab code to resolve those difficulties. A classical method of spectral factorization difficulties on top of things conception is predicated on Riccati equations coming up in linear quadratic keep watch over conception and Kalman ?ltering. One benefit of this method is that it effortlessly results in algorithms within the non-degenerate case. however, this process doesn't simply generalize to the nonrational case, and it's not constantly obvious the place the Riccati equations are coming from. Operator idea has constructed a few dependent easy methods to end up the lifestyles of an answer to a few of those factorization and spectral estimation difficulties in a truly basic environment. besides the fact that, those recommendations are often now not used to boost computational algorithms. during this monograph, we are going to use operator conception with country house how to derive computational how to clear up factorization, sp- tral estimation, and interpolation difficulties. it really is emphasised that our method is geometric and the algorithms are received as a different software of the speculation. we are going to current equipment for spectral factorization. One process derives al- rithms in response to ?nite sections of a undeniable Toeplitz matrix. the opposite procedure makes use of operator conception to enhance the Riccati factorization procedure. ultimately, we use isometric extension strategies to unravel a few interpolation problems.

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0 Θ0 0 0 Θ1 .. Θ0 .. ⎤ ⎥ ⎥ ··· ⎥ ⎥ ⎥ ··· ⎥. ⎥ .. ⎥ . ⎥ ⎦ .. 1) Here {Θk }∞ 0 is a sequence of operators mapping E into Y. The box around Θ0 represents the 0-0 component of the Laurent matrix. All the entries above the main diagonal are zero, and the diagonal entries of the Laurent matrix are the same. Now assume that g is a vector in c (E). Then Lg is well defined and the n-th component of Lg is given by n (Lg)n = Θn−j gj j=−∞ (⊕∞ −∞ gj ∈ c (E)). 6. Toeplitz Matrices and H ∞ Functions 37 The symbol for this Laurent matrix is the function with values in L(E, Y) formally defined by Θ(eıω ) = ∞ Θk e−ıωk .

Hence Φ is an inner function. Assume that Ψ is an inner function in H ∞ (D, Y) and Φ is an inner function in H ∞ (E, D). Then we claim that H(ΨΦ) = H(Ψ) ⊕ ΨH(Φ). 3) 44 Chapter 3. Inner and Outer Functions To see this observe that H(ΨΦ) = H 2 (Y) 2 ΨΦH 2 (E) = H 2 (Y) 2 = H (Y) ΨH (D) = H(Ψ) ⊕ ΨH(Φ). 3) holds. Let Θ be an inner function in H ∞(E, Y) and Ψ an inner function in H ∞(D, Y). We claim that Ψ is a left divisor of Θ if and only if H(Ψ) ⊆ H(Θ). 4) To verify this, assume that Θ = ΨΦ where Φ is an inner function.

Iii) The operator MF is invertible if and only if F −1 is a function in L∞ (Y, E). In this case, MF−1 = MF −1 and MF−1 = F −1 ∞ . Proof. Assume that MF is an operator, that is, MF < ∞. Let n ϕ(eıω ) = αk e−ıkω k=−n be any scalar-valued trigonometric polynomial. Then for any vector a in E, we obtain 1 2π 2π 2π 1 F (eıω )ϕ(eıω )a 2 dω 2π 0 = MF ϕa 2 ≤ MF 2 ϕa 2 |ϕ(eıω )|2 F (eıω )a 2 dω = 0 2 = MF a 2 1 2π 2π |ϕ(eıω )|2 dω. 2) 0 where p(ω) is any positive continuous function. 2) holds for all bounded positive measurable functions p.

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