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By Ronna Weltman

Artistically combining polymer clay with twine, this unique handbook teaches crafters and jewellery makers the right way to create natural, refined, and modern jewellery. a number leading edge thoughts in designing beads and parts from polymer clay are mixed with wireworking parts, encouraged clasps and ear wires, twine bead caps, polymer clay tipped head pins, and extra for a signature glance. Explaining basics of jewellery layout, this guide additionally delves into what makes a bit «primitive» and the way to accomplish an natural impression via colour blending and textures. integrated are a wide selection of polymer clay and twine jewellery layout and texture concepts, 15 extraordinary certain initiatives, and a gallery of accomplished works.

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ANCIENT MODERN FIGURE 5 50 Cane-Banded Bead 25 Make a 20mm base bead from translucent clay and poke a hole through it with the needle tool. 26 Use the leftover cane from the Ring Bead on p. 49 or make another cane using the same colors from Steps 1 and 2. Gently press down on the cane so that it is slightly flattened (Figure 6). Cut slices from the flattened cane and lay them on your work surface. 27 Holding the base bead on the needle tool, use a tissue blade to lift the cane slices off the work surface and place them onto the bead, forming a band (Figure 7) Once you are happy with their placement, pat them firmly to affix the band to the base bead, but still keeping a gentle touch so you don't distort the canes.

If the edge of the sheet is smooth, the clay is probably well-conditioned. If the edge is rough and jagged, the clay probably needs to be run through some more. If you want to create a jagged edge, you can create one by leeching the clay. Leeching the clay dries it out. Roll out a thin sheet of clay and place it between two sheets of white paper. Rub the paper so it adheres to the clay. Leave it overnight or longer, and when you return to it you'll see the paper has absorbed some of the moisture from the clay Run the leeched clay through the pasta machine and you'll get craggy edges, which can be a fabulous effect.

You can add a drop of water to act as a glue to keep them together. COLOR RECIPE BUMPY TEAL BEAD: 46 Cover the packing-peanut ball with the marble blend (created in Step 44) Roll it in your hand like you're rolling a ball. It will be lumpy since the packingpeanut core is lumpy. 1 part turquoise polymer clay 1 part white pearl polymer clay 1/2 part gold polymer clay 47 Poke a hole through the bead with the needle tool. Cure for 30 minutes, cool, and apply brown shoe polish with a firm paintbrush.

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