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The Hidden Realm

Gerrid Lytum believes he has chanced on a brand new method of discovering freedom, a spot of unending expanse -- and fable -- that may be entered with a unmarried command. in the meantime a mystery cabal, often called the gang of 9, are manipulating global occasions, controlling governments, making plans their ultimate answer. however the 9 depend upon their key gamers - people with the ability of persuasion, the innovators, the technologists.

Jane Austen's Emma (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations)

Calling Jane Austen's "Emma" fascinating, Harold Bloom states, 'Austen isn't really writing a tragedy of the desire. .. yet an outstanding comedy of the desire. ' He is going directly to say that Austin's heroines have firmly outlined selves, each one molded with an individuality that recommend the author's power for developing unending variety in her enduring works.

Kuss des Tigers - Eine unsterbliche Liebe (Roman)

Eine Liebe für die EwigkeitNie im Leben hätte die achtzehnjährige Kelsey Hayes gedacht, dass sie einmal nach Indien reisen würde. Und schon gar nicht mit einem Tiger als Reisegefährten! Doch ihr Ferienjob im Zirkus Maurizio verändert ihr Leben ein für alle Mal, denn dort begegnet sie Ren, dem majestätischen weißen Tiger.

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If they hesitate, he reckons he’s in with a chance. He gets a lot of noes that way, but a remarkable number of yesses, and when he didn’t register an instant negative from me, I was as good as signed up. ‘It’s a peach of an earner,’ he went on quickly. ’ ‘All that means is it’s cash-in-hand and there are women involved somewhere. ’ He looked at me disapprovingly. Well, he tried to. ‘You can be really mercenary at times, Mr Angel. ’ ‘Of course. I’ve got a lot on my mind: the state of the economy, interest rates, disarmament in the Warsaw Pact, lead in petrol, why nobody lets England win at cricket any more, does the Aids scare mean we’ll never have another vampire movie, are 48 satellite TV channels enough …’ ‘Okay, okay, lay off the ear-bashing.

Haven’t seen you for a while, Mac,’ she said, tight-lipped as she dropped the cheese rolls into a brown paper bag. I suddenly realised she was talking to me. She thought my surname was Maclean. ‘I’ve been working up north,’ I smiled, convinced that for her the North began at Cannon Street. ’ I wasn’t sure whether she was referring to regional unemÂ�ployment figures or the fact that I claimed to have actually worked for once. ’ I nodded to the twin tape-deck behind the bar as she counted out my change.

He parked ten yards or so after the last house, outside a wire-mesh fence in front of a late 1950s prefabricated school. There was a handkerchief-size tarmac playground in front and a wooden sign, which somebody had tried to set fire to, saying Dwyer Street Infants’ School. Prentice got out of his Escort and locked it, then pointed to the gate of the school yard. I pulled Armstrong in behind his car, got out and joined him by the gate. There was no padlock on it, and it squealed as Prentice pushed it open.

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