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By Frithjof Schuon

This booklet includes collections, Autumn Leaves and the hoop, and is obtainable right here for the 1st time in a bilingual English-German version. some of the sections contain: good looks, Human Questions, Doctrine, memories, photos, and the Soul. In those poetic teachings Schuon speaks on to the reader, expressing each feasible subtlety of religious and ethical information. They convenience and encourage the reader to domesticate internal good looks and search a deeper cognizance of the presence of God.

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Tempora, Mores Visual art: the Renaissance destroyed What the wisdom of the Middle Ages had faithfully protected. Baroque: it belongs surely to the worst That empty-minded artists ever hatched. Admire not the cold ostentation of architecture, Nor paintings with their sultry pomposity. With all of this the West has been obsessed; God help us. Let us forget the whole business. Herbstblätter 20 Wohnkunst Goldene Wandschirme Japans und Kakemonos — Etwas vom Besten, das uns Künstler gaben. Die düstern Ölgemälde, die Museen füllen — Wer möchte sie in seinem Heime haben?

And then, sometimes art is simply this: An image of something beautiful in the artist’s substance. Art does not have its foundation solely within itself; Nor is it what a depraved mind invents. He who wants to give us sweetness or greatness Must also think on the meaning of life. The Art of Gardening Artificial gardens should not exist; Let the plants live as they wish. Consider the wilderness: there is nothing more beautiful Before the creative Face of God. Zen gardens philosophize instead of blooming, And so they lose the real meaning of gardening.

Die Medizin: sie kämpft — vielleicht gelingt es. Sie ist ein Gut, und doch nichts Unbedingtes. Lieber Schamanen, die uns wirklich heilen, Als Ärzte, die den Leib zu Tode feilen. Gesegnet sei, wer bei den Kranken weilt — Nicht nur den Leib, wohl auch die Seele heilt. “ Dies sagte der Prophet. Frag die Gelehrten: Was nützt euch, was ihr vom Antares wisst? Astronomie — seid nicht zu dienstbeflissen; Doch dass die Erde rund ist, dürft ihr wissen, Denn es liegt nah und hat auch seinen Sinn; Lasst die Andrómeda ins Nichts entfliehn.

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