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By utilizing my ebook with visible C++ 6.0, youll come to appreciate the basics of the C++ language and discover ways to software for Microsoft Windows.
First, sick train you C++ from first ideas, utilizing the recent average for the language in graduated examples. Then, utilizing your newfound C++ wisdom, unwell enable you to construct purposes utilizing the Microsoft beginning sessions.

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In this chapter you will learn about: C++ program structure § Namespaces § Variables in C++ § Defining variables and constants § Basic input from the keyboard and output to the screen § Performing arithmetic calculations § Casting Operands § Variable scope § The Structure of a C++ Program Programs which will run as console applications under Visual C++ are text-based MS-DOS programs. All the examples that we'll write to understand how C++ works will be MS-DOS programs, so let's look at how such programs are structured.

A hexadecimal number is written using the standard representation for hexadecimal digits: 0 to 9, and A to F (or a to f) for digits with values from 10 to 15. It's also preceded by Ox (or OX) to distinguish it from a decimal value. Thus, to get exactly the same result again, we could rewrite the last statement as follows: char letter = 0x41; // Equivalent to A Important Don't write decimal integer values with a leading zero. The compiler will interpret such values as octal (base 8), so a value written as 065 will be equivalent to 53 in normal decimal notation.

The multiply and divide operators are executed before addition and subtraction. We will discuss the order of execution more fully later in this chapter. The overall result of the expression will be stored in the variable netPay. The minus sign used in the last statement applies to two operands — it subtracts one from another. This is called a binary operation because two values are involved. The minus sign can also be used with one operand to change the sign of its value, in which case it is called a unary minus.

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