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By Takashi Matsumoto, Motomasa Komuro, Hiroshi Kokubu, Ryuji Tokunaga

Bifurcation initially intended "splitting into components. " specifically, a procedure less than­ is going a bifurcation whilst there's a qualitative swap within the habit of the sys­ tem. Bifurcation within the context of dynamical structures, the place the time evolution of platforms are concerned, has been the topic of analysis for plenty of scientists and engineers for the previous hundred years just because bifurcations are attention-grabbing. an outstanding method of figuring out bifurcations will be to work out them first and examine theories moment. in a different way will be to first understand the fundamental options and theories after which see what they seem like. In any occasion, you need to either detect experiments and comprehend the theories of bifurcations. This e-book makes an attempt to supply a basic viewers with either avenues towards knowing bifurcations. particularly, (1) numerous concrete experimental effects bought from digital circuits are given in bankruptcy 1. the entire circuits are extremely simple, that is the most important in any test. The circuits, in spite of the fact that, shouldn't be too uncomplicated, another way not anything attention-grabbing can occur. Albert Einstein as soon as acknowledged "as basic as pos­ sible, yet not more" . one of many significant purposes for the circuits mentioned being basic is because of their piecewise-linear features. particularly, the voltage­ present relationships are composed of a number of line segments that are effortless to construct. Piecewise-linearity additionally simplifies rigorous research in a drastic guy­ ner. (2) The piecewise-linearity of the circuits has a long way attaining consequences.

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0. The square in the upper left-hand corner is the Poincare section (see Chapter 2) VC2 = 0 and the arrows indicate the stable and unstable eigenspaces of the Poincare map. This is looked at from an angle different from that of the other figures in order to show the relative positions of various sets. Now, if the attractor collides with the saddle-type periodic orbit, then it will provide an exit path for the trajectory to escape into the outer space. 75. After this, no attractor is detected. The attractor seems to be quenched upon colliding with the saddle-type periodic orbit.

VR m, L ma (b) (a) Fig. 1. The Double Scroll circuit. (a) Circuitry. (b) Nonlinear resistor characteristic. ©1985 IEEE. + VL 0 VCl +VL +Vc 0 VC2 VCl - VR o. 5)) iR = g(VR), C dVcl . I T =tCl' ic = Gvc, G dVC2 2T . 1) one obtains: C dVCl IT G dVc2 2T (DS 1) L diL dt Several observations are in order: (1) If Fig. , if the graph is a single straight line, then nothing interesting can happen. The trajectory either converges to the origin or diverges to infinity. Even a sustained periodic orbit cannot occur!

An attractor suddenly disappears when it touches an unstable periodic point. This observation raises another interesting question: Does the saddle-type periodic orbit also die when it collides with the attractor? The answer is negative. It survives even after the attractor's death. Fig. 0 . , non-intersecting) closed curve in the three-dimensional state space. The saddletype periodic orbit keeps shrinking in size while its period gets longer and longer as one increases 1/C1 . Would this orbit persist for all values of 1/C1 or would it bifurcate into another object at a larger value of 1/C1 ?

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