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Why does an item or phenomenon develop into the topic of medical inquiry? Why perform a little of those items stay provocative, whereas others fade from heart degree? And why do gadgets occasionally go back because the concentration of study lengthy once they have been as soon as deserted? Addressing such questions, Biographies of clinical Objects is ready how complete domain names of phenomena—dreams, atoms, monsters, tradition, society, mortality, facilities of gravity, price, cytoplasmic debris, the self, tuberculosis—come into being and infrequently cross away as items of medical learn. With examples drawn from either the typical and social sciences, and varying from the 16th to the 20th centuries, this booklet explores the ways that clinical items are either actual and historic. no matter if stumbled on or invented, those items of inquiry develop and deepen in meaning—growing extra "real"—as they develop into entangled in webs of cultural value, fabric practices, and theoretical derivations. therefore their biographies will subject to an individual fascinated with the formation of clinical wisdom.

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To a stop-the-presses monster with a flattened head born in Basel on 7 August 1557, the humanist Conrad Lycosthenes clearly had such naturalizing forays in mind when he cautioned philosophers against seeking natural causes for divine signs. 4 Furthermore, the explanations were sternly matter of fact and materialistic. If the imagina- ° 35. Copenhaver, "Natural Magic," 398-400. 36. Pomponazzi, De incantationibus, 37. 37. 4, p. 426. 38. Liceti, De monstrorum, p. 254-57. 39. -v. 3. 40. p. 26 LORRAINE DASTON tion could work material changes upon a fetus, another person's body, or even an inanimate object, it did so by an invisible but nonetheless material emission of effluvia.

Merveilleux, adj. , Encyclopedie, 10:393-395, at 10:395. 109. Samuel Johnson, Lives of the English Poets [1779-81], ed. George Birbeck Hill, 3 vols. (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1905), 1:35. 40 LORRAINE DASTON for both seemed to violate the calm, steady, calculated order of newly pacified Europe. 110 The sensibility that had glued preternatural philosophy into a coherent category of scientific investigation had dissolved by the mid-eighteenth century. But simply to pronounce nature uniform, regular, and simple could not eliminate the anomalies and variability studied by the preternatural philosophers.

Cardano, Opera, 3:605,660. 60. 1:67. 61. Casaubon, Of Credulity and Incredulity in Things Natural, and Civil (London: Thomas Tomkyns, 1668), 8, 9, 25. Preternatural Philosophy 31 century, in part because of the prominence of preternatural philosophy. " 63 Descartes was perhaps the clearest on the delicate balance to be struck between just enough and too much wonder. " Astonishment differs in degree from wonder-"astonishment is an excess of wonder"-but their cognitive effects are diametrically opposed.

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