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By David William Foster, Roberto Reis

A variety of cultural practices and artifacts, together with tv, well known song, and pornography, our bodies and Biases addresses representations of sexual habit and collective identification, homosexuality, and ideologies of gender in old and modern Hispanic tradition. issues contain cross-dressing at the seventeenth-century Spanish degree, homosexual lifestyles in Cuba and Mexico, a butch-femme examining of Peri-Rossi's Solitario de amor, pornography, and queer and lesbian areas. a few essays supply radical rereadings of canonical textual content akin to Don Quixote and Martin Fierro; others convey to the fore lesser-known works, akin to Marco Denevi's Rosaura a las diez and the writings of Virgilio Pinera. Reflecting a range of sociological, literary, and mental theoretical underpinnings, our bodies and Biases is an interesting research of sexuality within the context of Hispanic literature and tradition.

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The prime example is Mario Galeota, whom Garcilaso, in his Candon quinta (Fifth Canzone), punning on the name of the friend for whom he ostensibly intercedes, so condemns: Hablo de aquel cativo de quien tener se debe mas cuidado, que esta muriendo vivo, al remo condenado, en la concha de Venus amarrado. (31-35)9 This amusing conceit cannot extenuate the fact the Condon quinta derives from a dismaying reality. It is brute strength that governs sexual relations. Fuerza originally resides in the male and permits him to dominate other males and females as well.

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31. captured and so greatly loved by the Uchali that [this cabin-boy] became one of his most cherished mignons. 32. one of the bravest [in the Shakespearean sense] and most beautiful of youths imaginable. 33. beauty that outstrips the greatest that may be extolled. 34. among those barbarian Turks a beautiful boy or lad is much more highly esteemed than any woman, no matter how beautiful. 35. " 36. I have borrowed this term from Jessica Benjamin's The Bonds of Love, to which I am in general indebted for considerable assistance in trying to arrange my thoughts for this essay.

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