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By Louis Vera-portocarrero, Eric H. Chudler

Identifies the bizarre evidence that encompass the learn of the human mind. This name additionally takes a glance at how the mind works, the place within the mind its significant features live, and the way different components of the mind engage with one another to provide the human event.

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Receptors located in muscles provide important signals relative to the activity and blood flow of exercising muscles. In general, we assume that mechanical activation of the muscle receptor signals muscle activity and that the resulting activity contributes to the regulation of sympathetic outflow. Activation of chemical receptors by substances released in the muscle as a result of exercise also contributes to the regulation of peripheral blood circulation and cardiac output. ■ Learn more about brain control of body functions Search the Internet for autonomic nervous system, limbic system, and fight or flight.

In the laboratory, rats that have been deprived of sleep for two to three weeks will die. There are several theories regarding the function of sleep. • Conservation of metabolic energy: The idea that sleep con- serves energy is supported by the fact that humans increase their food intake during sleep deprivation. The idea that sleep enforces body rest is supported by the fact that small mammals tend to sleep the most. Since we feel refreshed after sleep, this theory is appealing. • Thermoregulation: There are strong indications that sleep has thermoregulatory functions.

Many types of drugs alter sleep patterns and affect the amount of REM sleep. For example, sleeping pills may increase the total sleeping time but decrease the time spent in REM sleep. When a person stops taking such a drug, several weeks may be required before normal sleep patterns are reestablished. Age and Sleep The percentage of REM sleep is highest during infancy and early childhood, drops off during adolescence and young adulthood, and decreases further in older age. Of course, infants require the greatest amount of sleep.

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