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With the construction of Philadelphia, right here I Come! in 1964, Brian Friel validated his declare to be the genuine inheritor of such exceptional predecessors as Yeats, Synge, O'Casey and Beckett. due to the fact then his paintings has continually tested that his energy is an equivalent expertise of the stipulations of person lives and the ancient and political forces affecting them. The performs during this first quantity (Philadelphia, the following I Come!, the liberty of the town, dwelling Quarters, Aristocrats, religion Healer and Translations) are brought by means of Professor Seamus Deane of college university, Dublin.

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Does Mr Sukhlinov own his fac­ tory or does he not? ' You can explain to her, however, that his ownership of the factory is a limited one. And so, step by step, she travels along the path of ordinary common sense. ' This step-by-step advance of ordinary common sense, the opposite of radicalism, leads the mother to the head of the May Day demonstration, where she is beaten down. So much now for the mother. It is time to tum the tables and ask: if the mother leads, what is happening to the son? It is the son, after all, who reads books and prepares himself for leadership.

She sings: What are the objections to Com­ munism? She sings: Learn, woman of sixty. She sings: In Praise of the Third Cause. And she sings these songs as a mother. For they are lullabies. Lullabies for Communism, which is small and weak but irresistibly goowing. This Communism she has taken unto her­ self as a mother. It becomes clear too that she is loved by Com­ munism as only a mother is loved: she is loved not for the sake ofher beauty or her fame or her excellence, but as the inexhaustible source ofhelp; she represents help at its source, where it is still pure-flowing, where it is still practical and not false, from where it can still be channelled without reservation to that which, without reservation, needs help: namely, Communism.

From the Brecht Commentary Now leave your post. 29 less by him, Fatzer, than for him. The victor must not allow the de­ feated the experience of defeat. He must snatch this, too; he must share defeat with the defeated. Then he will have become master of the situation. Plunge back into the depths, conqueror. Jubilation enters where the fighting was. 'Plunge back . ' Pokerwork inscription on a wood­ en plate, Soviet Russia. Be no longer there. Wait for the cries of defeat where they are loudest: In the depths.

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