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By Paul Embree

For electric engineers and machine scientists.

Digital sign processing strategies became the tactic of selection in sign processing as electronic desktops have elevated in velocity, comfort, and availability. even as, the interval is proving itself to be a useful programming software for real-time computationally in depth software program initiatives. This e-book is an entire advisor to electronic real-time sign processing strategies within the C language.

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V. x (τ ) dτ. v. stands for Cauchy principal value of the considered integral. 3 Relationship Between the Fourier Series and the Fourier Transform Consider an aperiodic signal x (t), with the Fourier transform X (Ω). , x (t) = 0 for |t| > T0 /2). Then, T0 /2 x (t)e− jΩt dt. 55) − T0 /2 If we make a periodic extension of x (t), with a period T, we get a signal ∞ ∑ x p (t) = x (t + nT ). n=−∞ The periodic signal x p (t) can be expanded into Fourier series with the coefficients 1 Xn = T T/2 x p (t)e− j2πnt/T dt.

41) −∞ is the Fourier transform of h(t). The linear time-invariant system does not change the form of an input complex harmonic signal Ae j(Ω0 t+ ϕ) . It remains complex harmonic signal after passing through the system, with the same frequency Ω0 . The amplitude of the input signal x (t) is changed for | H (Ω0 )| and the phase is changed for arg { H (Ω0 )}. 2 Properties of the Fourier Transform The Fourier transform satisfies the following properties: Continuous-Time Signals and Systems 38 1. 42) where X1 (Ω) and X2 (Ω) are the Fourier transforms of signals x1 (t) and x2 (t), separately.

B) What are the Fourier transform coefficients and the reconstruction formula for ∞ x p (t) = ∑ x ( t + n ), n=−∞ when the period is T = 1. (c) The signal is first extended with its reversed version x c ( t ) = x ( t ) + x (1 − t ) and then periodically extended with period T = 1. Find the Fourier series coefficients and the reconstruction formula. (d) Comment the coefficients convergence in all cases. ⋆ (a) The Fourier series coefficients of this signal are Xn = 1 1/2 1/2 te− j2πn/(1/2)t dt = 0 1 − j4πn with X0 = 1/4.

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