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By Mark Michaelis

Learn how to speedy construct strong net functions with C#-Microsoft's latest cutting edge programming language-using this updated publication.

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The more work you make one symbol do, the harder it is for the compiler to detect anomalies in your use of it. It's not just the kind of people who sing along with the Tiki birds at Disneyland who have trouble here. C does seem to be a little further out on the ragged edge of token ambiguity than most other languages. "Some of the Operators Have the Wrong Precedence" You know that you've definitely found a problem when the authors of the original report on C tell you that "some of the operators have the wrong precedence", as Kernighan and Ritchie mention on page 3 of The C Programming Language.

In this way we have not only removed existing bugs, but are reducing the number of future bugs as well. Some programmers strenuously object to the idea of putting lint back into the compiler on the grounds that it slows the compiler down and produces too many spurious warnings. Unfortunately, experience has proven repeatedly that making lint a separate tool mostly results in lint not being used. The economics of software is such that the earlier in the development cycle a bug is found, the cheaper it is to fix.

Fingerd, used the standard I/O routine gets(). The nominal task of gets() is to read in a string from a stream. The caller tells it where to put the incoming characters. But gets() does not check the buffer space; in fact, it can't check the buffer space. If the caller provides a pointer to the stack, and more input than buffer space, gets() will happily overwrite the stack. The finger daemon contained the code: main(argc, argv) char *argv[]; { char line[512]; ... gets(line); Here, line is a 512-byte array allocated automatically on the stack.

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