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C is without doubt one of the oldest programming languages and nonetheless some of the most standard. even if you are an skilled C programmer or you are new to the language, you understand how complicated it may be to seek via 1000s of pages on your reference books to discover that little bit of details on a definite functionality, variety or different syntax point. or maybe worse, you'll now not have your books with you. Your solution is the C Pocket Reference. Concise and simple to exploit, this convenient pocket advisor to C is a must have fast reference for any C programmer. it is the purely C reference that matches on your pocket and is a wonderful spouse to O'Reilly's different C books.Ideal as an creation for novices and a short reference for complicated programmers, the C Pocket Reference includes components: a compact description of the c programming language and a thematically dependent connection with the traditional library. The illustration of the language relies at the ANSI regular and comprises extensions brought in 1999. An index is incorporated that can assist you fast locate the data you need.This small booklet covers the following:C language basics information forms Expressions and operators C statements Declarations services Preprocessor directives the traditional library O'Reilly's Pocket References became a favourite between programmers all over. via supplying a wealth of vital information in a concise, well-organized structure, those convenient books bring simply what you must whole the duty handy. while you may have reached a sticking aspect on your paintings and wish to get to an answer fast, the hot C Pocket Reference is the booklet you need to have.

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The address it designates—its value— remains unchanged. 30 | C Pocket Reference long double double float unsigned long long long long unsigned long long unsigned int Not applicable if int is equivalent to long int Figure 4. Arithmetic type promotion hierarchy Statements A statement specifies an action to be performed, such as an arithmetic operation or a function call. Many statements serve to control the flow of a program by defining loops and branches. Statements are processed one after another in sequence, except where such control statements result in jumps.

Statements */ */ /* A nested block */ } The declarations in a block normally precede the statements. However, ANSI C99 permits free placement of declarations. New blocks can occur anywhere within a function block. Usually a block is formed wherever the syntax calls for a statement, but the program requires several statements. This is the case, for example, when more than one statement is to be repeated in a loop. An expression statement is an expression followed by a semicolon. The syntax is: [expression] ; Here is an example of an expression statement: y = x; // Assignment The expression—anassignment or function call, for example—is evaluated for its side effects.

The type to which both can be converted is the type of the result. The following types are permissible for the second and third operands: • Two operands with arithmetic types. • Two operands with the same structure or union type, or the type void. • Two pointers, both of which point to objects of the same type, unless one of them is the constant NULL. If one operand is an object pointer, the other may be a pointer to void. The sequence or comma operator , has two operands: first the left operand is evaluated, then the right.

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