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Careers For. . . * number of CAREERS proven. From the most obvious to the imprecise, readers can be capable of discover careers that fit their pursuits. * profession PROFILES. comprises whole activity descriptions and wage levels. * expert INTERVIEWS. let scholar to determine what jobs are particularly like and what it took to get them. * confirmed directions. support scholars comprehend what it takes to get the activity in their goals and the stairs to get there.

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As a professional clown, you are your own boss. You control everything from advertising to booking shows to paying the bills to going out to do the job. "On a typical summer weekend, I will usually do at least three shows a day. I often get up in the morning and pack up my trunk with the items I will be using throughout the day. Then I take forty-five minutes to get my makeup on, ten minutes to get in costume, and then load everything into my van. I do my show, go back to my van, reset my trunk for the next showand then set off again to repeat the entire process.

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I never thought I would be so comfortable in front of crowds. "During high school in South Africa, I used to go to a children's youth circus group that practiced all kinds of entertainment seen in circuses," he says. ' I developed lots of circus skills and found myself enjoying the attention that I would get by doing the things I had learned. "When I left high school I got drafted into the South African army and after basic training got transferred into the Entertainment Unit. This was a great place to practice and develop performing skills, which I later learned are more important than doing tricks.

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