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Virtually 4,000 years in the past, a tender king named Hammurabi inherited the small and unimportant urban of Babylon within the zone of Mesopotamia, now in present-day Iraq. Over his lifetime, Hammurabi extended Babylon in dimension and in value, making town an important within the sector by the point of his demise. it's going to stay so for greater than 1,000 years. although Hammurabi was once a political candidate, a diplomat, and a warrior, he's remembered as a rule for his code of legislations, the tall monument of stone inscribed with 1000s of criminal rulings that inspired the longer term legislation of the area after which of the Western global. Hammurabi explores the lifestyles and occasions of a ruler referred to as "The King of Justice" during the king s personal phrases and people of felony and ancient files and literature of the time.

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Mesopotamia: “The Cradle of Civilization” wrote tell us about their history: a list of kings, laws, ­instructions on how to plan a battle, the poetry that was written when a city was invaded. The People and the Gods The history we need to know to understand Hammurabi and his world begins very early. It begins with the need to organize people so that the land can be farmed efficiently. That means the land must not be flooded or dried out. It must not be overused. Irrigation made the earth salty, because the water used was slightly salty.

He had discovered that ­Siwe-­palar-­huppak was also asking ­Rim-­Sin for troops to use against Hammurabi. Hammurabi and ­Rim-­Sin literally compared notes about this, exchanging the letters sent to them from Elam. As a result, neither sent troops to help ­Siwe-­palar-­huppak. He obviously had bad intentions ­toward them both. Siwe-­palar-­huppak then invaded northern Mesopotamia, urging the kings of that area to join with him in a siege against Babylon. Hammurabi wrote to ­ Zimri-­Lim of Mari, and they swore a treaty to fight together against ­Siwe-­palar-­huppak.

He began the building of a huge ziggurat at Ur. A ziggurat looks rather like an Egyptian pyramid with steps, but is quite different. A pyramid contained a burial. A ziggurat was solid, would have been brightly painted, and had a temple on its top. It was an attempt to reach ­toward the gods, to put a god’s temple as close to the sky as possible. The biblical “Tower of Babel” was a ziggurat, though it was built much later, and its name was a play on words. ” Ur-­Nammu’s son, Shulgi, ruled for 46 years and once again began to unite the lands of Akkad and Sumer.

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